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Tomorrow we are working with Velveteen Rabbit to capture some of their delightfully eye-catching cocktails, and that got us thinking, cocktails might be our favorite things.

To shoot of course.

Sure, we do research on the topic, but that research really comes into play when we get a client who needs new Cocktail Photography for their bar or restaurant. The most important part of being a commercial photographer is giving the viewer a complete experience just by looking at the final image. When a customer can taste, touch and hopefully even smell the cocktail from the marketing material is exactly what Square Shooting sets out to do.

On days when Square Shooting needs to do some research into what makes cocktails so photogenic, here are a few Downtown Las Vegas places we prefer to visit.

Frankie’s Tiki Room – Not only is Frankie’s the only 24/7 tiki bar in the world, but also has an entire coffee table book about the cocktails they create: Liquid Vacation.

Velveteen Rabbit – The swanky lounge owned by the lovely Dylag Sisters who are passionate about their award winning hand crafted cocktails, small-batch beers and creating a comfortable, classy atmosphere and a fantastic collection of local artists works.

Atomic Liquors – The oldest freestanding bar in Downtown Las Vegas has just been refurbished and reopened on Fremont Street. A revitalized Old Vegas-vibe prevails and the collection of beers on tap shows that the new owners put a tremendous amount of thought and care into continuing this bar’s legacy.

Hard Hat Lounge – We love the Hard Hat for several reasons, not the least of which is that it sits directly across the street from Square Shooting’s studio. We feel right at home in this classic dive bar atmosphere and cheap drinks, which probably why the Sunny16ers shot their first 48 Hour Project film here called The Bump.

The Griffin – Known for its dark and cozy atmosphere is most inviting during happy hour with friendly beer prices, a renown jukebox, and plenty of places for quite conversations.

Next time you are out, try one of these places that best suits your mood. If you see Square Shooting there, say hello.
And buy us a drink!