Architecture Photography Hotel Photography

Las Vegas is the ideal spot for professional photographers who love photographing commercial properties such as casinos. With an ever evolving skyline, Vegas is no stranger to change. Transforming faster than a souped up racer at NASCAR, we clearly have no shortage of amazing architecture and shiny lights around town. With all that change comes the need for new marketing images to help promote which property will be welcoming you and your wallet. This makes us Squares very happy since we love shooting architecture photography and the chance to document this eclectic city that we adore.

So we were thrilled when the oldest hotel in Las Vegas, the Golden Gate, had us capture architecture photography of their new expansion back in September. The expansion added quite a bit more gaming floor and also elongated their bar under the Fremont Experience canopy. In a city that parties 24/7, increasing your bar space is never a bad idea.
Below you can find some images from our commercial photography assignment of the Golden Gate, and also a link to more information on the expansion of the casino.