Fashion Photographer Las Vegas

If you live in Vegas, you are no stranger to temperatures in the triple digits. Most likely you know a few tricks to avoid that summer heat and keep it cool. Real, real cool.  Here are a few DO’s and DON’Ts we have picked up along the way. 

•DO keep a sunshade (not the Millennium Falcon one, we get it, you LOVE Star Wars) in your car to avoid face melting temperatures while parked in the direct sun.

•DON’T underestimate the seatbelt that was built for your safety. During the summer you may as well be securing a live snake across your body that could strike at any minute. The tiniest exposed metal on that safety harness now offers the red hot sting of fangs digging into your flesh, if given access to exposed skin.  

•DO move to the shade if your friend who never shuts up stops you in a parking lot to have a quick chat.

•DON’T listen to them ramble on in the direct sun while watering the hot pavement with the sweat from your brow as the rubber on the sole of your shoes melts. Who talks to people anymore anyhow? Just text me kid, preferably from some air conditioning.

•DO eat ice cream everyday. You only get one life and it is a refreshing treat.

•DON’T worry about gaining weight from the ice cream. It’s too hot for that and… YOLO. Yeah, I used YOLO and you can too when it’s 120 degrees outside.

Now for the most important of all DO’s:

•DO have access to a pool! If you don’t own one, then it’s time to make some friends who do. However you need to manage, get that ice cream bod in some cool, refreshing, game-changing, swimming pool water and watch all your troubles drift away. 

•DON’T give up hope if you don’t own a pool and are bad at making friends. In Vegas you are always a stones throw from a casino pool. 

With these pro tips in your fanny pack you are destined for summer success!  Should you seek our opinion on what casino pool is best to drown your summer sorrows in, we would be happy to suggest The Pool at the Linq. Why, you ask? Because they paid us to shoot some summer campaigns for them and we love our clients!

We also love working with a super awesome crew, and the team we assembled for this job last summer was top notch. We hand picked the best assistants, hair and makeup team, modeling agency, and stylist in town. With such a dream team on set, we were chillin’ harder than that ice cream you just polished off.

So stay cool out there kids, and check out some finished photos from the campaign below.