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Commercial Photography for Woman Owned Businesses.

Woman Owned Businesses are the key to diversity in business these days. Square Shooting is proud to be a woman owned business. However, we are even prouder to work with clients that empower and support women. Women entrepreneurs helping others to thrive and accept themselves fully. Tracie of Confab Confetti reached out to Square Shooting for her business. She wanted to create some marketing photography that would highlight the vibe and mood of her brand.

Her brand’s goal is to connect women so they may support and elevate each other. To make women appreciate themselves, reach their goals, and find happiness. Inspired by this, we quickly set up a shoot with Tracie and the thirteen women she invited to represent her brand. The energy in the studio was contagious. It was such a treat to see women bonding together, cheering each other on to succeed.

How we approached this Women Owned Business

For some of the images, we used some of the murals around our building. This added pops of texture and color to our the background of our photos. The black outfits that the women were wearing really jumped off these backdrops.

After that, we the returned to inside the photography studio. Using a large white paper roll, the models changed into brand t-shirts and jeans. Putting together different sizes of group, we clicked away while they had fun. Showing their excitement for being together, for instance. Most importantly, the bond of strong women with other strong women is a joy. And of course, there had to be confetti. Lots of confetti being thrown around was a lively addition.

Tracie was elated with the finished product. Moreover, we think we managed to capture images that perfectly showed off the Confab Confetti momentum. Women are a force, but women supported by women is a force that can’t be stopped. So cheers to Tracie and her new venture. We support you and can’t wait to see how high you soar!

Woman Owned Businesses

Woman Owned Businesses

Woman Owned Businesses

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