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As a professional photographer, I want to share some of the professional photographers that inspire me. I feel like I get asked a lot who my favorite photographers are and that question always trips me up a little. I was not the kid that saw Annie Leibovitz’s work and POW, that was the moment when I wanted to become a photographer. That actually couldn’t be further from how I actually came to be a professional photographer. To be honest I am not sure I even knew who Annie Leibovitz’s was when I started taking photography classes.

Photography came to me more out of the enjoyment of capturing a moment and partly because of my terrible memory. I have always enjoyed documenting my life. I have had a camera in hand since back in the day of 110 film and flash cubes. However over time and as I learned to control the camera, photography did become my creative outlet. I still use it to document my life, I now use it to pay my bills, but more importantly I use it as my creative outlet. 

So why am I telling you all this? I do not have the top ten professional photographers of all time to share with you. Those blogs have already been made and can be easily found. I want to share the professional photographers that have been inspiring to me.  Most people my age participate in social media platforms, as do I. Instagram tends to be my favorite. Just a giant stream of photography for me to devour. Yes, please. Because of this nifty little tool I have been introduced to a ton of professional photographers that constantly inspire me. 

Inspiring Professional Photographers

So without further ado, here are the professional photographers that have been inspiring me on the regular. Some for technique, some for location, some for lifestyle, but all inspiring to me and hopefully you. In no particular order. 

Natasha Wilson

Natasha Wilson inspires Square Shooting
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Natasha Wilson

There are so many reasons this professional photographer at the young age of 27 is a bundle of inspiration for me. Her use of color alone is next level. Her images always play with color so well and because of that everything has a surreal vibe to it. Sometimes it’s because the foliage has been turned pink, or the dress matches the wall just perfectly. No matter how she achieves it, color is always a key element in her professional photography. Her play of color mixed with great styling, locations, and sometimes multiple exposures is the perfect mix for a tasty treat of inspiration.  

Joe Gall

One of the Professional Photographers that inspire us is Joe Gall 
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Joe Gall

Better known as Camera Jesus and based out of Detroit. Surprise surprise this Michigander has a Detroit professional photographer on her list. I’m sure all the Detroit imagery was where my appreciation first began for Joe Gall’s work. Then I continued to follow him for not only his pure Michigan moments but his travel and adventure photography. He’s got it all, nature, surf, bike, hike, kayak, even celebrity skate pro Tony Hawk in some really outstanding shots. He inspires menot only in photography, but also adventure and it’s all sprinkled with nostalgia for my home state. 

Phil Chester

Phil Chester professional photography
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Phil Chester

I am not usually a lover of couples photography. Engagement or otherwise. That super sappy, look at how in love we are type of photography is not my cup of tea. Until I stumbled upon professional photographer Phil Chester. Then I was inspired. If I had to sum up his work in one word, it would be romance. His imagery oozes intimacy. He has this rare ability to catch what seems like real stolen moment in a heated love connection. The photography is so intimate you feel like you are only feet away from the couple. You feel like a fly on the wall every time you look at his photography. That is so rare to capture and he seems to do it with ease. 

Chris Burkard

Professional Photographers that Inspire: Chris Burkard
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Chris Burkard

Am I inspired by this gentleman’s work? Yes. I am also very jealous of his beautiful breathtaking adventures. Absolutely. This professional photographer is having all the fun and capturing it like a champ. His adventures are not for the faint of heart, but they are gorgeous and make me want to travel everywhere. His ability to catch action happening or the northern lights is impressive to say the least. 

Marta Bevacqua

Marta Bevacqua creates professional photography work that is inspiring
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Marta Bevacqua

This professional photographer makes me feel like I am in a warm hazy dream when I look at her work. I think the combination of muted colors, composition and and an occasional use of props helps her achieve this. There is a cohesiveness in her work even when the photos have so little in common. More importantly there is just this sense of style carried through all her work which is quite an accomplishment.

Joez iPhone Only

Joez iPhone Only is a person who photographs like a professional
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Joez iPhone Only

This guy claims to not be a photographer and shoots everything on an iPhone. You may not claim to be a photographer sir, but you shoot like one. This professional photographer that does not call himself a photographer, has excellent composition. He inspires me to find clever angles and use the available light to my advantage. I love how creative and playful his images are. 

Hayley Sikorski

Hayley Sikorski is a Professional Photographer who Inspires us
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Hayley Sikorski

Nostalgia. This professional photographer inspires me with her seventies nostalgia. Might be my favorite time for fashion and color combinations. You give me that brown, orange, yellow seventies color combo and it’s hard for me not to smile. A lot of people shoot this style, but I think Hayley really has a strong grasp on the whole vibe and because of that I am inspired by it. 

Mike Sanchez

Inspiring photographer Mike Sanchez
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Mike Sanchez

This professional photographer is killing the nature landscape game. He inspires with his gorgeous locations, long exposures, star trails and Milky Ways. If you are a fan of nature and lovely photographs, it would be hard not to find Mr. Sanchez’s work inspiring. 

Genevieve Davis

Photographers that Inspire Genevieve Davis 2
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Genevieve Davis

This professional photographer is not only inspiring with her photos but her whole lifestyle. A professional photographer for Vans. Let’s just stop right there. Um, I didn’t even know this dream job existed until I started following her. It really opens you up to all the possibilities to incorporate what you love into your work. Just like you would expect of a Vans photographer, this girl is living the lifestyle. Motorcycles, surfboards, roller skates, and lived in a van. How she lives life is inspiring, how she captures life is inspiring. If she is taking applications for friends, I would gladly apply. 

Pr0ject Uno Community

Professional Photographers Inspire Pr0ject Uno Community
Professional Photographers That Inspire – Project Uno Community

This one is a little different. This is not one single professional photographer but a community of many professional photographers. I would normally not include it but because it is so well curated, I find this to be a constant source of inspiration. It’s a great way to see a vast amount of exceptional work from all over in one spot. If you are a portrait photographer I wouldn’t miss out on this fun community. 

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