The Wonder Twins

Square Shooting is Jennifer Burkart and Ryan Reason

Jennifer Burkart Square Shooting Professional Photography Las Vegas

Jennifer Burkart

Owner / Lead Photographer

Jenn is the resident mastermind of Square Shooting. Exceptional at the technical elements of our craft, her wizardry both behind the lens and in post production is what brings Square Shooting’s commercial photography to life.

Ryan Reason Square Shooting Professional Photography Las Vegas

Ryan Reason

Owner / Lead Photographer

Ryan is more than just a pretty mug cradled in a passable beard, he’s a charming devil as well. With an eye for detail and aptitude to make people comfortable, he ensures everyone is their most confident in front of the camera.

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Las Vegas Professional Photography is who we are, and being professional allows Square Shooting to stand out. Immediate and open communication, preparation, efficiency, consistency, and competency are as important to us as our finished product.

Customer Service

We understand that the customer comes first, and we make sure every assignment gets the care and attention it deserves to accomplish our client’s goals. We want every patron to happily recommend Square Shooting when asked about their outstanding images.


Definition of a Square Shooter: a just or honest person. Square Shooting isn’t just our brand name, it’s who we are as a business and professional photographers. Communication, timelines, finished product… we hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do.

Tech Savvy

Professional photography is more than just owning an expensive camera. It’s the years of training, practice, and acquired knowledge that separates a professional from a hobbyist. We understand the tools of our trade, and how to make them work for you.

Digital Editing

Top quality commercial photography is a two step process: in-camera capture and post production digital editing. Square Shooting excels at manipulating industry standard softwares, to ensure that every image we capture meets the vision of our clients.

Creative Flexibility

From theatre companies, record labels, architecture firms, to international resorts, we have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of clientele. No matter the vision, Square Shooting has the creativity and ingenuity to turn any seed of inspiration into reality.


Additional Services

More stuff we can do for you

Portrait Photographer Executive Portrait Photography Square Shooting Professional Photography Las Vegas

Executive Portraits

Put your best face forward when representing your business. Square Shooting specializes in guiding subjects through poses to help find the best expressions for their company websites, annual reports, and marketing materials. We can even come to your location to capture individual portraits of the entire team.

Exhibit Photography Exhibit Photographer Las Vegas

Exhibit Photography

With over a decade of experience in exhibit photography, Square Shooting understands the needs of exhibition companies. We understand that accuracy in angles, colors, lighting and scale is the top priority for our clients. We take great pride to ensure our images meet those standards on every assignment.

Event Photography Las Vegas Square Shooting Professional Photography Las Vegas

Event Photography

Months have gone into planning and setting up your event. From feature speakers, breakout events, awards dinners, and galas; Square Shooting can make sure to capture all of the highlights. Our images make great additions for the company website, newsletters, and takeaways for your attendees.