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Portrait Photography in Las Vegas is our speciality!

With a new social media platform coming online every week, there is a constant need for portraits. People just love seeing what you look like. And not just one version of you, all the versions of you. Something fun for Facebook. One for Instagram that is hip and adventurous. One for Linkedin that is professional and serious. And don’t forget one for that dating app that’s flirty, but not too flirty.

Of course, with a camera in every pocket now, getting a snap of your face is as easy as a playful tilt of the head. However, you are ready to stand out from the crowd. You want more than a perfectly angled selfie. You’re ready to find a specialist in the art of portrait photography in Las Vegas. And Square Shooting is eager to help!

Working as professional portrait photographers here in Las Vegas for over a decade, we have a great collection of locations ready for you to choose from. We’ve put together two different blogs on the topic of the best Las Vegas locations, which you can find here and here.

While the backdrop you choose is important, it’s only a small part of portrait photography. After all, a portrait is about making sure you look your very best. And this is where Square Shooting Professional Photography really shines.

Confidence is key. 

Think about your portrait and how you want to represent yourself in it. Everyone has a variety of different outfits in their closet that say different things about them. A casual, hip look in a t-shirt and jeans with just the right sneakers. That one outfit that makes you look tough and ready to rumble with anyone who wants to give it a go. Perhaps go for a little fancier look in a nice suit or dress that doesn’t get out of the closet often enough. Bright pops of color that might be a bit too bold for every day wear, are excellent for a playful portrait. Getting a portrait is the perfect time to make these fearless outfit considerations. Find those looks that will boost your confidence.

While your portrait will definitely show how you look, what it is really showing is your confidence in who you are as an individual. How you express yourself to the world around you. So lean into that, find those ‘just right’ outfits that help you love the way you look. Confidence is apparent in your posture and in that sparkle in your eye. Chin up, chest out, unwavering confidence is what makes a great portrait so much different than just another photo of your face.

Be prepared for your portrait photography session.

After you’ve gathered your confidence building outfits. What’s the next step for your portrait photography session? Seems like it might be an obvious thing to point out, but consider your grooming rituals. Stop at your favorite salon or barber shop. Have your hair freshly trimmed and colored a week or two before your appointment. For gentlemen, give yourself a fresh shave the morning of your session. For ladies, makes sure your nails have a new coat of paint or polish. And more than anything, make sure your outfits are pressed and wrinkle free. Having these little details planned out in advance will make sure you are looking your very best on portrait photography day.

Those little extra somethings.

If you really want to make your portrait photography session a full experience, consider a hair and make up artist for your shoot. We here at Square Shooting always recommend this additional service to our clients. A professional HMUA will take the time to make sure your skin looks flawless and your unique features are properly highlighted. Their craft and expertise can be the little extra touch that can really put your final portrait over the top. And this is not just for female subjects, but can also do wonders for men as well. Just think of this extra attention as a bonus to all the work you’ve put into making this portrait into one you will love and cherish for years to come.

Really wanting to bring a whole new ‘you’ to the portrait photography session? Consider hiring the services of a professional stylist. These masters of trend will ask you a few questions to discover what your look is. They will then take your sizes and shop for you to find the latest styles that would be perfect for your vision. On the day of your photography appointment, they’ll be providing a whole new wardrobe. Everything will be specifically matched just for you. And they will also provide all the ‘just right’ accessories to really pull the look off. The stylist will also stay on set and keep a close eye on the look and fit of the clothing so that it flatters you the entire time.

After the session, you can have the stylist return the items for a potential refund of your wardrobe budget. Or keep those items you fell in love with during the shoot and take them home to boost your existing closet.

What makes the Square Shooting portrait photography services the best:

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. Which isn’t always the most natural feeling place for some people. But after working with so many different subjects and personalities over the years, we’ve definitely learned a thing or two about how to ease those nerves. Trust in Square Shooting to make you feel relaxed and ready to show off your best side, whatever that means to you.

Our team of Las Vegas portrait photography experts know how to create flattering poses as well. Trust in us to get your whole body, one little twist at a time, into just the right position. We make sure that outfit is sitting on you exactly the way it’s supposed to. We know how to focus on all the minute details so that you feel strong and confident. And as mentioned before, confidence is the most important element to creating the perfect portrait photography results.

Once your portrait photography session is done, we upload all of the best images to our online proofing gallery. This allows you to review the collection to find out which images really speak to you and make you feel like the star you are. After that, we start the editing process, which is where our work really starts to shine. We go over every inch of the selected images and digitally polish them so that you look your very best. While still keeping you, looking like you. These images will be the outstanding version of you that you love!

Check out some of our favorite portrait photography images we’ve created with our previous satisfied clients. And contact Square Shooting for your portrait photography session today!


Square Shooting Portrait Photographer Las Vegas

Square Shooting Portrait Photographer Las Vegas

Square Shooting Portrait Photographer Las Vegas


Portrait Photography Las Vegas Square Shooting

Portrait Photography Las Vegas Square Shooting

Portrait Photography Las Vegas Square Shooting

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